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DenoLyrics is a web application built with an AI model that supports 143 languages, no matter if the audio speed is fast or slow.

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Nelson Hernandez


Language: English

What I like about technology is that it grows with us. I love being a content creator. I can make people happy and put a smile on their faces. I have the passion to solve problems in society and for me, the better impact is through technology. Our generation grew up with technology. Now it's grown to a stage that you can do a lot of things with it and it's a way of solving problems. So that's why I love it so much. It's organic, it grows as we do. So that's very fascinating. I'm Molly. I'm the CEO and founder of Velodash, a platform for cyclists to meet up and ride together. So I enjoy outdoor cycling just because you're with nature, but what's even better is that if you have people to enjoy this experience with you. Velodash is great for just planning the routes and letting who's joining have an idea what they will expect. Is it very difficult? Is it okayish? And then when you lose sight of your teammates, you don't have to worry because you can simply check the app and know their real-time location. When I was younger, I used to be really, really, really shy. Like I was the quiet one in school, even in family gatherings. I would just usually sit in one corner and just look at the floor. My brother helped me by doing videos with me. Okay, and next over here we have the TikTok Award. I was talking to the camera so that made me feel more comfortable if that makes sense. I'm Niana Guerrero and I'm a content creator from Quezon City, Philippines.

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Why DenoLyrics

Async transcription

Save and transcribe pre-recorded audio files in seconds, with our efficient model

Incorporating the most recent advancements in AI

Access AI models built on the latest breakthroughs in Transformers and large-scale training on enormous amounts of data for transcribing speech.

We use the best technologies

Our team is dedicated to writing quality code with the latest and greatest in web technology.

Frequent asked questions

These are frequently asked questions that we have collected, if you have any suggestions or questions do not hesitate to send us an email to the support team.

What is DenoLyrics?
Is an Artificial Intelligence app that uses the large scale model Whisper, to perform real time speech recognition, Whisper is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system trained on 680,000 hours of multilingual and multitask supervised data collected from the web. We show that the use of such a large and diverse dataset leads to improved robustness to accents, background noise and technical language.
What data does DenoLyrics send to the cloud?
We don't ask for personal information unless we really need it. We keep information on your personal information when you log in, create folders, upload files and acquire our payment plans
DenoLyrics minimum system requirements?
You don't need to install anything everything run on the cloud in real time you will receive audio transcription.
What payment methods do you accept?
We use PayPal as our main platform and also Wompi (Banco Agrícola)

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